Unforgettable Foundation

Our mission is to create a world where people with dementia live the best possible life

We set up our own foundation to help achieve our mission. It's our guiding star. We passionately want to change lives and the way most of us feel about dementia. We're also pragmatic optimists. We know it'll take time, tenacity dedication and support. To help us get there, we have three founding principles.

1. Lower the risk
Eat better. Move more. Stress Less. Sleep deeper. We choose our lifestyle. So let's all go for a healthy one and take some strain off the brain, as well as the heart.

2. Break the taboo
Talk about it, openly, positively and honestly. With family, friends and even the kids. At home and at work. Dialogue is like medicine.

3. Spot the signs
Early diagnosis can't cure dementia but it makes time to plan. To make choices about living, working, driving. To set up an LPA. To find products that can help change lives. Once you know, you're empowered.

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Available early in the New Year, our three eBooks will provide you with information and advice on the three key tenets of the Unforgettable Foundation – reducing your risk, getting an early diagnosis and reducing the stigma. Each book is a bite-sized look into some of the key issues around these topics, helping you to become more informed about dementia, its challenges and the solutions.

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How we are funded

We're a charitable foundation funded by donations and £10,000 per year from Unforgettable.org, a world-leading source of life-changing products and services for people with dementia.

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Our trustees

Zoltan Bozoky
Zoltan Bozoky
Zoltan was former chief strategist at the Department of Health with a specialty in dementia. He helped shape platforms at the global level to develop novel and innovative drugs to stop neurodegenerative diseases that lead to dementias.
Bruce Steinberg
Bruce Steinberg
Bruce has had a successful career running various TV channels including Jetix, BskyB, MTV Networks, UK Living and others. He is actively involved in a number of charities including in health, the arts and fair trade.
James Ashwell
James Ashwell
James Ashwell founded unforgettable.org in 2014 after spending five years caring for his mum who had frontotemporal dementia. James started his career as a strategy consultant for Accenture before going on to run his own business. James is also a trustee of the David Ashwell Foundation.

The Unforgettable Foundation was set up to further the social impact of Unforgettable.org by:

1. Having a dedicated organisation
Dedicated to our three founding principles with a specific focus on people with dementia from disadvantaged and underserved community.

2. Improve education
To run national campaigns to improve education and awareness of our three principles, independent of Unforgettable.org's commercial marketing activity.

3. Independent governance
To provide independent governance over the social impact delivered by Unforgettable.org. Trustees of the Foundation have oversight over Unforgettable.org's impact strategy and are responsible for holding Unforgettable.org to account for delivering on its social mission both now and in the future.

The Unforgettable Foundation is an independent charitable foundation with three expert trustees. It receives annually 10% of profits from Unforgettable Trading Limited, or £10,000, whichever is higher.

Our funding program

As we grow we will give grants to charities and educational institutions working in the field of dementia and memory loss. This covers three main areas of interest ...

1. Education
Show that it's possible to live well with dementia

2. Research
Investment into 'Quality of Life' with dementia

3. Data and advice
Give access to life-changing information, expertise, products and services that help deal with the daily challenges at all stages of the dementia journey

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